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About us

Nowadays, customer’s needs are more various and complex, business need to be ready and promptly support customer’s needs. At SCG Cement and Building Materials, what we emphasize most is customer, therefore we never stop to develop our innovation product and solution.

WEDO is the important part to propel our cement and building material business in order to carry out business among the changing of digital and technology. We also assist our organization to dramatically adjust the way of doing business, increase our capacity to offer the entire product and service with new values to meet customer’s satisfaction and stand firm in this business disruption era.

Our main mission of WEDO is
1. To enable business to be widely and deeply understand customer through new channels
2. To apply new business model to create opportunities for exponential growth business
3. To utilize digital and technology as the new tools to accomplish the above missions and able to satisfy customers as much as possible.

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