Site Reliability Engineer

Full Time

Job Description

In most initial implementations, SRE teams have focused on the reliability of services that are consumed by customers or users. The key goal was to keep sites, which often include multiple services, up and running well within the parameters of agreed-upon SLAs and SLOs.  

However, a service is a composite of many application components (sometimes called service components), that are hosted on computing infrastructure, such as virtual machines, servers, and so on. The reliability of services in turn depends on the reliability of these application components.  

To ensure service reliability, therefore, SREs need to ensure application component reliability. This means that as SREs shift left, they need to be deployed at different levels in the organization 

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Analyze and solve technical problems of system by software engineering. 
  • Maintain and improve application or middleware to achieve low latency and high availability. 
  • Monitor system to detect problems and plan system capacity. 
  • Develop tools and system to automate the routine operations for efficient software development. 
  • Participate in the entire software development process including design, development, delivery, monitoring, and improvement. 
  • Work with other engineers to build the environment, operate the services, and improve continuously to achieve the above goals. 


  • Knowledge and understanding in computer science (e.g. use of standard algorithms and data structures, OS, network, database).  
  • Experience in software development for web services or mobile applications using Java.  
  • Experience using a Linux/Unix development environment.  
  • Strong interest and ability to learn any new technical topic.  
  • Communication ability in English.  

Education and Experience

  • 5-years hands-on experience in System Administration and / or Web Applications development  
  • Ability to use a wide array of open-source technologies and tools  
  • Experience with systems and IT operations  
  • Comfortable with frequent, incremental code testing and deployment  
  • Ability to develop tools / processes to ensure self-healing, scalable architecture  
  • Hands-on experience with Continuous Integration tools, such as Jenkins, GoCD  
  • Good command of automation tools for development, testing and deployment  
  • Proficient with software development tools/environment such as Jenkins, JIRA, Confluence, GIT etc.  
  • Proficient in scripting languages such as Shell/Java/Ruby/Perl/Python etc.  
  • Experience with troubleshooting very complex distributed environments 

Job Summary

  • Vacancy: 1
  • Employment Status: Full Time
  • Job Location: MRT Bangsue, Bangkok
  • Salary:Negotiable