Technical Team Lead

Full Time

Job Description


We are looking for experienced team leaders who specialise in software development and can build an effective development culture and technical excellence so you will be proud to deliver exciting products for our customers using your people management and technical skills.

We have many interesting and innovative projects and we are keen to deliver them to our customers. We want to bring up-to-date technology to meet our business's expansion and customer needs, in many areas of Web/API/Cloud/IoT technology development. Primary using NodeJS/TypeScript, Python, Java, C#, focusing on good practices so we write clean and scalable and reusable codes.



You’re someone who’s smart, organised, motivated and gets things done. You want to work in a startup environment but also be able to adapt and willing to improve the development process together with larger teams in our corporate. You like the idea of taking ownership of what you work on. You have ideas about everything, and you’re not afraid to argue your point (while respecting everyone else’s of course). You’re constantly thinking “how can we do this better?”.

You understand the hard work required to update and stabilise a large technical products and you are prepared to put this work into the projects.




To be considered for the role you must meet most of the following criteria:

  • You are an expert any of Java, C#, NodeJS/TypeScript, etc, and still hands-on with code every day.
  • You understand/use software design patterns like SOLID principles, so you build clean and reusable codes/services.
  • You do automate testing so you confidentiality incrementally deliver your projects.
  • You encourage coding improvement via code review, automate code quality check.
  • You enjoy building scalable applications/services using cloud technologies.
  • You understand how to use database technologies and how to scale them.
  • You understand application/infrastructure security and customer privacy.
  • You have ideas how to process big data, via batch or real time processing.
  • You are able to implement CI/CD or infrastructure as code so you don’t waste your team's time using the automation process.
  • Developer management experience and team player. Ideally you'd have managed a team and worked with product and project and solution architect teams.
  • You have impressive leadership skills to motivate and guide your team members. As a technical lead, it is your job to ensure everyone remains productive and gets projects done on time.
  • You can troubleshoot technical issues and provide long term solutions and implementation.
  • You  can manage many projects at once while still meeting deadlines and presenting innovative products.
  • E-commerce experience is a plus but not a requirement.


Job Summary

  • Vacancy: 5
  • Employment Status: Full Time
  • Experience:Over 5 Year
  • Job Location: Bang Sue, Bangkok
  • Salary:Negotiable